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I’m So Back! (i’ll try)

now, i feel like I’m much determined to be back. Crossing my fingers on that statement, haha. Really, with all the loads of things to do which I am engrossed with; i will try the best that I can to really update this blog. Three years that I’ve been on and off the arena, there were indeed post worthy entries that i allowed to just pass.  From my motherhood stories, church ministries and the random thoughts- it seems that i have wasted so much. Anyhow, things aren’t too late… ayt?

well then, since I am compelling myself to really be consistent let me warn everyone that my entries is going to be all about anything and everything. I’ll share anything under the sun. i might also repost some of my articles during my writing stint days in a community  news paper which i maintain a column entitled “UNLEASHED”. oh, by the way.. . i did journalism sometime ago and an opportunity as well to contribute in a locally famous lifestyle and travel magazine circulating in the region. hehehe. so, basically my entries is not going to be a single genre.

I am also aiming for something different. I plan to come up something spiritually inspiring like a devotional read getting inspiration through my experiences. i actually had an attempt before which i posted over a year ago (read: my cup runneth over), and i have this desire to write for some more. I have one grilling on my mind.

As i pursue, let me just say that when you write you can get inspirations and materials everywhere from a day to day basis. And as for I am blessed to have it aside from my daily life lessons- the grace of God upon my family is so much to stay unnoticed! I’m excited.








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consistency, you are too hard to get!

it’s been ages. as much as i wanted to really be consistent in my entries it just too hard to do it. there have been so many things that i wanted to share but it seems it’s been forever since the last time i had post something. oh, well i’m so sorry. =) Actually, so many beautiful things have transpired that i honestly don’t know where to start rambling.

i will try. ( so help me, God) hehe. i really-really hope so! this entry is just to update, i still exist yet chose to be idle. lols. for now, let me just share to you a beautiful baby God gave us recently… and with this post i hope to be active once again. =)

she is Dalja Verlinh M. Dave, my second child. i’ll be sharing most of her and my son too (hopefully) in the coming days of my “come back” hehehehe.. for now, enjoy my cutie pie.





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My Cup Runneth Over

this is something that i wrote for the Mother and Daughter Brunch, an annual fellowship in the church in celebration for Mother’s Day. the title is also the theme of the event. =)

My Cup Runneth Over

Blessed with great love, joy and peace is a content life.

Great Love. One great love can only come from Him (John 3:16), an immeasurable love that abounds with grace and mercy. This unquantifiable love gave everything that has brought His only Son to the cross to bore all our sins. Humanly speaking, our love for others could only be conditional but because we have been blessed with a love that has no measure through Jesus Christ, we have been changed. The spirit that lives within urges us to desire more to be like Jesus that we can love in a new and different way- a love that does not expect something in return.

The love that we have originates from God and his outpouring grace enables us to extend it to others, unconditionally. We learn how to touch other’s lives through His overflowing love. With the Holy Spirit working upon us, we can be compassionate and kind (Galatians 5:22), it brings out the best in us for others. We love the way Jesus loves.

Joy. Real happiness is attained only if we have joy in serving Him. It radiates in us as we allow our cup to cheerfully overflow. It is when we set our heart and mind upon God’s love and grace that we experience genuine joy. When we turn our thoughts to God, to His gifts and in everything that He has promised- we have the happiness that He intends for His children. When it shows, others see God in you. It can influence and so let us just tolerate the joy that He gave as it spill over. This kind of happiness lasts and it encourages others.

Peace. Spiritual abundance gives us peace (John 14:27). It is an inner security in us that no matters how circumstances confront us we still find serenity. It is something that makes us comprehend why God allows things to happen negatively and that even in our tears; we find wonderful comfort (Philippians 4:7). Real peace in Christ grows even in stronger adversities. All of these are available through a personal relationship with Christ through Salvation.  It is only through Him that we live a contented life; a life not based on success or failure, wealth or poverty, fame or obscurity but by the grace of God. Living according to His will is where blessings flourish – great love, joy and peace in our cup that runneth over.

**** i wrote this coming from a terrible heartache. Yes, i had the grand share of trying times of my life… of my marriage. When something really important in your life is confronted with adversities i must say, it’s the most difficult. I admit i had the hardest time in dealing with it and moving on but by God’s grace i know i will get by. Even if He allowed it to happen, still i have so many reasons to thank Him. He is always in control and he has purpose for everything. Even in my downest- darkest moment i can honestly say, my cup runneth over.

*photo grabbed form google 

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Dealing With A Re-acquiantance

(this article was published in a weekly local newspaper which i write for a column called Unleashed under the pen name: Gabbie Veronica.)

Dealing with a Re-acquaintance


It has been ages since your last face to face encounter. It was not so good. It was a decision to part ways…to finally call it quits. The good- bye was something you don’t want to linger in your memory. You weren’t so ready for things to happen that way still you let go and walked away. But in time, you were able to rebuild a better life without the other; after all, time heals the wound. The forgiveness was gradual; your heart has to eventually mend. Though the adjustment was a major struggle it has made you a stronger person.

Now, just when you thought that everything was already just a part of your so-called “past” it all of the sudden comes back and says hello. It was supposedly a long time ago story; something that you already have forgotten- it recurs. The issue here is, how do you deal? Why a reappearance? After those years of interval; there you are in front of somebody who was so long ago a very important part of your being. Yes, you are with that person again, in close encounter… in a wedding perhaps, of a common friend who is close to both of you. You have no choice but to act as normal as you are to accommodate and speak to him without any traces of pain. Therefore, this kind of re-acquaintance is never easy, believe me. This may be very easy to think of but kind of a difficult to execute.

So how do you treat the scenario? Well it depends on how mature you are and the other party is, but basically I believe both of you will have an awkward moment for a little while. Your maturity in the first place is necessary for you to be able to handle the situation. That awkward moment will be prolonged if you will not exert an effort to act as natural as you are in accommodating that person sincerely. There was forgiveness already so there is no reason to dwell on what had happen in the past which had caused you pain. It is important to be seen in your actions that you already have moved on and is happy of what is at present.

What if the re-acquaintance turned out to be a pleasant one? You felt something different. The other has grown to be someone totally different from the past. Extra sweet, maybe. The conversation was enjoyable and refreshing that in short, the company that you just had was something really good or in some way special. Special in the sense that you know you can look at him in the eye, talk about the old days yet just smile and treat it like something which has to be in the past.

I think it was just okay to giggle and be flattered about how sweet the encounter was but the point is do not internalize everything. It can be true that you somehow missed each other but put a period to that, after all you have to be reminded that what you actually feel is now, within the boundaries of friendship. Just be happy of how you were able to re-establish a friendship. Take it that way. For sure there was a purpose why your path had crossed once again but it is on the matters of trying to regain the friendship that once have lost.

That re-acquaintance might leave something in your mind. It may be a thought that you keep on giggling about as an after effect. Reality check: Both of you are already committed. This ends the issue. Wake up! What you have felt can be an infatuation and it’s perfectly okay for as long as you don’t listen closely to what you are feeling. It won’t help entertaining colorful interpretation of that experience. Your commitment with the one you have at present is enough reason for you to open up your eyes with the reality that you have to face.

I also happen to see that person after a lengthy period of time and it taught me one big lesson that I have appreciated. I realized how certain I was with my feeling with the person I am committed with. Everything that we encounter from day to day always has subliminal messages that we need to be sensitive with. At one point, I have learned from the experience that what is important is the happiness that you have in the present. You may come across once again with somebody in your past; they will remain as part of the chapter in the past. It was the important message that had prompted on me. The best thing to do is to not complicate your life. It happened for a reason and the reason is to continue getting over and moving on.

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The Blueberry Cheesecake…

As I scan through my yahoo email, I happen to retrieve this blog entry that I wrote like 5 years ago… and so, this gave me the urge to have a major throwback today. Once again, this made me smile. This has been way back 2009 yet it was a nice feeling reminiscing this memorable day.


This is not about an entry on how to bake a special blueberry cheesecake it’s just that I am writing this because from now on, this type of cake will be forever significant in my entire life. I am not actually a fan of sweets and desserts and I find it so odd that a blueberry cheesecake would make a big relevance. 😉

Saturday, January 31st (of this year of course) one memorable event happened that I least expected the most to occur. Not a single hint crossed my mind, it’s like I was indeed totally clueless which made everything a major surprise. That blueberry cheesecake I am telling you was so vital in the scene. It was a busy day for us because we were already in a rush for Doc gem’s 30th birthday bash. There were tasks in line that we badly need to finish. Invitations, the pictorial (for the AVP, invites and tarp) the souvenirs and many other details for the party including the wardrobe that we have to wear for her western cowboy inspired party were all our main concerns that day. The whole day that we were together (Alex, Gem and Alvin) was basically on the birthday party preparations that I swear I didn’t notice any unusual gestures from my friends except the dinner that shella was trying to set at 7:00 pm.  Later on, after gem had her pictorial wrapped up, we submitted a photo to Hanz Graphics for the tarp layout and decided to separate ways before the dinner. Gem has to go home first and alex too. Both were insisting that we should go ahead to Ayo so that I and Alvin could spend some time together.

Venue: Ayo Café

Apitong, Tacloban City

Accomplice: Doc Gem and Alex

Culprit: Shella

Special participation: Waiter of Ayo, the manager and the rest of the crew

Cheer Leader: Doc lotlot

Main actor: Alvin Dave

So then, I was convinced. At eight o’clock I and Alvin were already on our way to Ayo Café. As expected the rest of my friends are not around yet when we got there so we decided to take a table for two (because Alvin was insisting even if already wanted to get settled in a bigger table). I happened to ask him if he knew the waiter who welcomed us because I noticed the waiter was smiling at him like as if they have already known each other for a while and he replied “nope”. The waiter handed us the menu. I told him we still have friends coming over and that we will order for food later, but Alvin again insisted to have dessert. “Dessert?!” I hyperactively jested (that is supposed to be taken after dinner, I just thought). The waiter interrupted trying to persuade me that it would be better to take dessert first  while waiting for our friends to come and he said that a piece of cake would be perfect. Oh well I guess, this is the only fine dining resto which offers dessert first instead of an appetizer (whatever). I didn’t want a cake so I told Alvin to just have a single order and maybe I’ll just share with him. He gave me the privilege to pick for a flavor and after a couple of minutes of selection I decided we’ll have a BLUEBERRY CHEESECAKE.

It took for about 30 minutes before the cake was served that it gave me the chance to whine about waiting. And then there you go… Blueberry Cheesecake was on the center of the table. I promise I was still so clueless. The cake had a perfect presentation and just by the looks of it, the sweetness beckons that it was surely deliciously tempting. But hey… what’s this thing on the top? It is a part of the presentation or should I say the design? This was the exact words that I asked when I get to notice it; “ hala, kay ano may singsing?!” (Oh, why is it that there is a ring on it?) I swear I still didn’t have an idea, I thought it was just a part of the design. And there my boyfriend smiled… he was sweetly looking at me on the eyes then held he my hand and asked me; “ baby, will you marry me? “.

I couldn’t believe it was happening. I was actually in the state of shocked. Hehe. Though I was laughing, I became speechless. I didn’t know what to say…I was just laughing maybe because I was very happy… or I was having a mixed emotion… I can’t explain. Then he took my hand, got the ring on the top of the cake and slid it on my left ring finger.

A marriage proposal happened that night and it was actually the second time that he proposed. The first proposal happened when he was still in Vietnam and that was also a surprise. I never thought it would happen again. He explained that he of course wanted a formal proposal that he did efforts to make it something special and “romantic” with the symbol of his pure intention that has sealed the engagement: the ring. And speaking of efforts, this is where my friends came in. They (gem, alex, devi (in the US), shella, lotlot) all have their parts in the conspiracy. Hmmm… Let’s try to rewind how all of them connived narrated to me after the proposal.

Devi anne: the first person whom he contacted to ask advice on how he would execute the proposal. They had several conversations about it. Devi then suggested Alvin to contact shella.

Shella: the “ring- on –top- of- the- cake” thing was her idea. She said it was actually her dream proposal but she decided to give it to Alvin. It was also shella whom Alvin asked to get my ring size. In a Sunday afternoon coffee date with them she told us she is selling silver jewelries (rings, bracelet and earrings) and that maybe we are interested to order. It was gem whom she is trying to convince that she asked gem to fit her ring and right after she also asked me to fit it. And there she got my size, 5. (and she reported it to Alvin through YM)

Gem and Alex: they were the ones who set the reservation at AYO. They talked to the restaurant manager about the plan and fortunately got the approval for the participation of the restaurant’s crew. They also revealed that plan B was Mc Donald and they actually have talked to the manager who also approved but still have opted to pursue at Ayo. It was alex who was in constant communication with the resto that day for updating.

Doc Lot was the cheer leader…hehehe… the one who has the major “kilig”. She was also there one Wednesday night when they had dinner out together to finalize everything. So basically all of them knew what was going to transpire.

It wasn’t a full production proposal just like the one you see in the movies or in the internet but of course for me that was the best. What makes it unique was it appears to me so naturally. It happened with no traces of clues that it served its purpose: to surprise me!  In movies, wedding proposals usually happens elegantly but it didn’t gave me the chance to atleast dress up. But it was an extraordinary feeling. It might not be that “kina-career” and creative like the way I conceptualize things (peace, baby!) but I should say it’s the most kilig of all.

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Hold My Hand…

Sometimes, you just have to write whatever you are feeling in order to let go. Most of the time this is the only option that i have and so pleease bear with me. At this point i am in my most emotional state.

this is a poem i was able to compose early this morning which summarizes and describes how i am this day. let me just linger, in time i’ll be fine.

Hold my hand…

Im struggling myself to stand

I feel inside, I’m falling apart

help me heal, an aching heart

it is a choice, i had to conceal

how hard it is, of how i feel.

this hurt i want to let go

but please stay, the great love i have for you.

it is a torture of pain,

myself, i have to contain.

my Lord, help me to firmly stand

and to you my plea, is to hold my hand.

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Faith Stronger than Haiyan

I have never been this positive in my life, not until the Lord has allowed us to experience the strongest typhoon ever recorded in history – Joverly M. Dave

I don’t have a near death experience to share but I want to tell you a story about how God has taught me to stand still amidst the struggle for recovery after the disastrous Haiyan made its landfall. It was only by God’s grace that I learned to opt for positivity despite the rampant devastation that I witnessed. Humanly speaking, anyone could just breakdown seeing the city on its ground zero state… but faith gave me the conviction that God is in control and in time, everything will fall into its places once again. How I became positive? How I was able to see things in a different light? It was a choice and each day, I find comfort in His words.

Day 1 of the aftermath, it all spread out that there was nothing to buy. Grocery stores and establishments were looted that it justified the scarcity even more in the days to come. I must admit, my biggest worry was for my 2- year -old son who needs most of baby supplies. I don’t care about myself; I know I can get through but what about my son? The milk that we have was only good for week consumption. Admittedly, we didn’t bother to buy groceries hoping that a day or two, everything will get back to normal. But it wasn’t the way as it was expected. Haiyan’s attack was furious that it took many months before we were able to recover from all the damages. My husband had searched all over the downtown area but supplies were to no avail.  Now, the worry made me panic and it became fear and then there was anxiety. Those were the times that for a moment, we tend to forget that there is God. Yes, as human those were my initial reactions. The food that we have will not even sustain us after days and with this, I started to feel the hopelessness. As we gather outside our yard with the neighborhood, we all have the same concerns, food and the supplies for our kids.

The following day, Myra Abayon one of our neighbors living just across our house who has a child same old as Dalvinh came knocking at our door with a 1000 grams of Nido 3+ (she knew it was the brand my son is drinking).  She said she have been keeping it in their pantry. Akia, her child didn’t like it so she did not continue changing the formula after she consumed a box of Nido 3+ Myra bought together with the can. I said I would want to buy it, yet she insisted it’s free. Thank God! I was definitely relieved. That time, I knew the Lord was speaking unto me and that scenario changed everything from that day, onwards. I was greatly reminded by God and I felt an immense guilt for the worries, the fears and the anxiety that I allowed to take me at my weakest point. That single can of Nido 3+ made me realized how God will provide (Philippians 4:19) for us. If He somehow has allowed us to survive the strongest storm, then He will faithfully sustain us though we felt like we are in the midst of nothing. I certainly ask for His forgiveness… and there, I started to be all positive. It is just so amazing that He immediately used people to provide our needs. Milk which was one of the supplies that caused me the great worry came to my doorstep and with that, I believe God’s message to me was that everything will be provided. I vividly remember telling my husband “I know it’s going to be tough… it will take long, but we will get by. Let us just hold on, trust Him and pray”. It was also during that day when my father, brother and a cousin braved the road from Jaro to Tacloban to check on us and to tell us that they were all safe and sound. Sunday, my brother biked all the way from Jaro to deliver another box of Nido 3+ for Dalvinh. All I can ever do is thank the Lord for the blessings.

My brother also told me that there was no looting incident in Jaro which means grocery stores were intact and the market trade was normal. In fact, there was an immediate response from DPWH Sorsogon for the clearing operation. Jaro, was I guess

among the few towns which got the earliest cleared roads and streets. We decided to move to Jaro and temporarily lived with my parents since there were numbers of dead bodies that have been recovered in our neighboring barangays and we thought, it’s going to be a danger for our son’s health. As we pass from town to another approaching Jaro, the destruction was undeniably massive. It was heart-breaking. It felt like a scene from a movie and it was hardly sinking in that it was real. Anyhow, I thanked God for the safe travel that we had. Despite the rumors circulating regarding NPA, prisoners on the loose and all those “badjao” stories- I trust God’s protection (Psalm 118:6).  In spite of the panicking news about crimes (which has no valid sources), NPA attacks, famine predictions, “akyat bahay” and all sorts of morbid stories; I actually felt the peace. I chose not to absorb depressing stories that people have forecasted, the Bible promised a better future. I couldn’t believe myself, but it was all God’s grace that He lets me see things in the brighter perspective. Honestly, it wasn’t the usual me. I cannot dismiss all of these problems confronting us through my own strength. Only from God’s wisdom, I have come to learn to deal with it Biblically not with how I felt and what I feared about. To God be the glory!

In Jaro, God gave us the chance to live the simplest life- no electricity, no internet, no network signal and no TV shows to watch. At 6:00 in the evening when it starts to dark, my husband would grab a guitar and we were singing songs. I had the chance to teach my niece and nephews together with my son Sunday school songs; they were enjoying it. We fetch for drinking water, we lined up for relief distribution, we cooked with firewood, my son gets to play on the street with other kids and walked for distance to get to a hill for an unstable Globe network signal. I figured it as beautiful things that are happening. God’s message this time was contentment and humility. Even with the deprivation typhoon Haiyan has caused, God’s goodness was certain. He has also allowed me to understand His purpose and be able to know the simple and practical lessons that I should learn. If we were all ready for the disastrous typhoon and we knew what kind of situation it will give, perhaps we will not remember God anymore and we will not increase our faith during the hard times.

In the 3 weeks time that we have stayed in my hometown, we had frequent visits to Tacloban and the first time we drove back, it was a delight to see electric cooperatives from different provinces that have extended help in order to rehabilitate the power lines. This reminded me of a Filipino tradition called “bayanihan”. It was an embodiment of unity and enthusiasm to lend a helping hand. We also have discovered that International NGOs and foreign volunteers especially for medical assistance have already flocked in Tacloban.  The help we are getting was already overwhelming. Though the way the media has projected the Haiyan after math in an alarming way that it has caused too much worry for viewers outside Eastern Visayas and abroad; still, I would reply to those who would ask me on how everything was going “everyday, there is hope. It wasn’t stagnant. International help has reached us and it continues to overflow. We thank God” . I usually gave them the good news in the middle of the chaotic response of our government that the media has sensationalized. After all, we can only depend on God’s grace and provision while they are still figuring out who is to blame.  It is the Lord that controls the reality, and what is real is what God has said in the Bible.

It wasn’t all smooth, though. Just like everyone else, we also had our share of struggles. My son became sickly. Even if we were struggling against his asthma, I still thank the Lord that He has continually provided and guided us all throughout. He had never ceased to make use of people in sustaining what we needed. When it seems that local Doctors (especially in Tacloban) in the hospitals have flew to the other parts of the country to seek refuge,  there’s this one Doctor in our town who preferred to stay in order to help his fellows. The typhoon has caused so much damage to his pharmacy and clinic yet the make shift clinic in his yard was such a blessing. I thank the Lord for giving him a heart willing to respond and attend to the medical needs of the people in Jaro. Dr. Glen Elises gave Dalvinh a week medication and thank God he was able to cope up. When everything seems to be fine already, my son suddenly got an intermittent high grade fever and we couldn’t figure out the large rashes he had on his head. There was also part of his head which was swollen that it has caused him so much headache. It was during that time when we have to drive all the way to Tacloban at 3am having no idea if there are functioning hospitals in the City.  We couldn’t thank God enough for the Korea Field Hospital that took over the Divine Word Hospital for free Medical assistance. Yes, we had first-hand experience of the Korean’s compassion. Everything was free: Doctors, nurses, medicines, surgeries, child delivery and all those state of the art medical facilities transported all the way from Korea that were intended to help the typhoon victims. I glorify God for leading us to the right people and the right places where we can be rescued.

When everything else was taken, it was God’s way of pouring His Abundant grace. A couple of week, the company where my husband is connected with started its operation. December 3, our office re-opened. It was an opportunity to witness the city strived hard to get back on its feet and it is an overwhelming experience. Everyday that I have to walk long distance to get transportation in going home from the office, I saw the progress. From the mountainous garbage piled all over the streets; improvements have been made daily. It was a long process but I feel delighted that things weren’t dormant. Gradually grocery stores, drugstores and other establishments were opened and restaurants have become available until finally, electricity was restored. Our church received wonderful blessings. Aids were from all over the world, from different churches, various organizations and even from grade school pupils sending relief goods with touching hand-written notes inserted in the plastic bag. People came to help in the cleaning and rebuilding of the church structure and our missionaries went home to personally deliver the basic needs for church members. My son was blessed with portable electric fan, emergency lamp and a handy nebulizer that we don’t have to go to a charging station anymore in order to have him nebulized.  Indeed, every single need was met. All because of God’s sufficient grace.

I am sharing this to everyone because this is my way of declaring God’s genuine compassion for His people who has remained clinging on His will no matter what. Until now, every time I hear Haiyan survival stories, it still pricks my heart… but God’s sovereignty all throughout is more amazing. God who is with us was greater than the ordeals Haiyan has left us. I believe that the aftermath experience were the difficult times but in contrary to that, it was those moments when the Lord made us feel that we are most loved, cared and privileged from people that sometimes we don’t even know. It took a strong faith to perceive things from the way God sees it and that ability that He granted me is way beyond my own strength, the wisdom was all coming from Him. If I relied on my own will, maybe I have persuaded my husband and decided to move to Luzon or Cebu where everyone else are going and consider we will be provided there. The Lord gave us the heart to stay in Leyte believing in the peace He has promised (Philippians 4:7). No matter how He allowed that detrimental storm surge to take place that took away thousands of lives and properties in a split second, He was in control. He was unfailingly, faithful.

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Fair-weathered Friendship

An entry which I privately posted two years ago, February 2014. For some reason, i fall out of love with friendship. .. but then i realized, there are friends that are worthy of keeping and some you just have to let go. I can say i have moved on and that is why I’m sharing this entry from after two years of putting it private. =)

friends holding hands

It took me like ages before I can finally get back to updating this and for sure there have been so many very important event that had transpired but then I failed to put it into writing for billions of reasons! Hahaha! When it was just me who was super busy with motherhood and work … oh, yes I admit, I couldn’t find time..really! And for this, I’m so sorry. All apologies for the hundreds of years of much delays.

So here am I again, trying to make it up with the blogsite. Unfortunately, being in my over-sentimental mood today and all sort of these things I find sad lately… I know this is like a not-so- appropriate topic to ramble about. But, it’s how I feel today and these past few months. So, let me just share some thoughts which I am not really sure would matter to anyone else except me. =)

So, is there really a thing such as “fair weather friends”? I would want to deny it yet my heart says there is. How in the world can people be at most times insensitive? Those whom you thought are your friends, those that have expected to be your comfort- then it will all turn out to be they are just the nicest when they need something from you. Yes all sort of favors. Now, you are asking… how can you tell when a friend is a “fair- weather” one? I enumerated indicators but wait, these are my own observation it would be a bonus if you can actually relate with what I’m trying to point out here. 😉

  1. They will only text you if they badly need something from you. They need help, they need your opinion and they need a company. Other than that, they would not even care to text at times you need comfort: when you’re sick, on a death of your love one or just when the time you need most a pat on the back.
  2. She would always love to talk about your other friend- criticizing and commenting when she is actually not with the group.
  3. She has a moody way of acknowledging you and you can’t figure out why yesterday she was too cold and today she’s the jolly one with you.
  4. She would share everything to you as you carefully listen to all her/his sentiments yet when it’s time for you to need an ear and a shoulder she’s/he’s not too interested at all. Not an inch of sincerity is felt when you are at your lowest point and you just want to speak it out and seek comfort.
  5. A fair weather friend is some who is “she’s the best” “she knew” “I can do this and that” “ah, I don’t need it anymore” it’s all about herself/himself. Spell: SELF-CENTERED!
  6. Behind someone’s back: she says this and that! Now fast forward in front of her/him: all the nicest words… hey, what happened? Isn’t it just yesterday when you are super upset at that person and now you are striking a selfie pose with him/her!?!
  7. Most of all, a certified fair-weather friend only accepts you at your best and forgets about you at your worst. =)

Yes, it hurts to have some fair-weathered friends. When all you give is your best for them extending all the help and the care… still they manage to hurt you and make you feel so out cast. At times when you genuinely love them, you find out they don’t in anyway appreciate it.

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Moving on.

The great hiatus is mainly because I am a Yolanda Survivor and I guess even without such explanation anybody will exactly get what I mean. ..

And so, this is the moving on stage. Yes, after five months of that furious Yolanda attack in our city, we all have tried to move on and still moving on. I prefer not to linger anymore with horrible stories of Yolanda as I get back to this blog merely because life has been constantly good by God’s grace after that deadly storm surge.

It’s another phase of our lives. What Yolanda has taught us is that there is always hope even in the midst of almost nothing. Many lessons have been learned and this is the time to keep going. We need to keep going! Now, that life has got back to normal again… (The city is back on its regular track) I can only thank the Lord so much for the great experience. It was a rarely different one. As I witness how our place gradually went back to normal in few months, it has taught me to be more appreciative- big and small development; everything mattered!

My family is intact. I still have my job. My husband after two weeks (of Yolanda) got back in business. We were the first subdivision in the city to have its electricity restored. .. These are just very few of the many reasons why I have to keep moving on. His been so good. All needs have been provided.

Though it is heartbreaking to look back, I still can say that there is that positive impact the strongest storm has given us. As the Lord allowed it to happen, there is an amazing purpose for everything. Decipher as you look around and contemplate. With what we see, there is no perfect reason why we can not keep on moving on.

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Ayo Revisited!

I’m sorry if it took me a month to post this.

It’s been 4 years already since our 9-9-09 wedding transpired and before that big event happened in my life; one of the many beautiful restos in the city became so memorable for me and my husband four years ago. It was in Ayo Café where my husband made his marriage proposal. A cheesy one actually but it was indeed a surprisingly sweet gesture. He is not basically the showy and demonstrative type but his proposal was one of those that make someone giggle every time I try to share it to my friends.

And so we have planned to celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary by revisiting Ayo. I arranged a dinner for us together with our good friends (dabarkads) from the church. Funny thing is that while I was having our reservation over the phone, I told the food attendant that the reason why we are having a special dinner at Ayo that night is that because it was where my hubby had his marriage proposal. The food attendant shared that she remembers an incident of a marriage proposal way back where the guy connived with them. “we put the engagement ring on the top of the blue berry cheese cake” she explained. I was like… “it was us!” They actually still remember it and that is so nice of them.

Our four years of marriage is something I thank God for. I’m happy for the hardworking and God-fearing husband that I have. I am blessed t have him. He is still the best friend that I have 9 years ago. I believe that the best foundation you can ever build in a relationship is to start it with a genuine friendship. Alvin is someone who knows me that much, he understands me and accept me for who I am.

Let me just share with you some of our photos during our night with our friends at Ayo. (I regret I was not able to retrieve my photos in friendster, the proposal pictures was there…. sad)    

cake given by the dabarkads.

cake given by the dabarkads.

group picture =)

group picture =)

our version of the "look up" photo craze

our version of the “look up” photo craze

w feasted on these.. =) sumptuous!

w feasted on these.. =) sumptuous!

till my next post!

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