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Faith Stronger than Haiyan

I have never been this positive in my life, not until the Lord has allowed us to experience the strongest typhoon ever recorded in history – Joverly M. Dave

I don’t have a near death experience to share but I want to tell you a story about how God has taught me to stand still amidst the struggle for recovery after the disastrous Haiyan made its landfall. It was only by God’s grace that I learned to opt for positivity despite the rampant devastation that I witnessed. Humanly speaking, anyone could just breakdown seeing the city on its ground zero state… but faith gave me the conviction that God is in control and in time, everything will fall into its places once again. How I became positive? How I was able to see things in a different light? It was a choice and each day, I find comfort in His words.

Day 1 of the aftermath, it all spread out that there was nothing to buy. Grocery stores and establishments were looted that it justified the scarcity even more in the days to come. I must admit, my biggest worry was for my 2- year -old son who needs most of baby supplies. I don’t care about myself; I know I can get through but what about my son? The milk that we have was only good for week consumption. Admittedly, we didn’t bother to buy groceries hoping that a day or two, everything will get back to normal. But it wasn’t the way as it was expected. Haiyan’s attack was furious that it took many months before we were able to recover from all the damages. My husband had searched all over the downtown area but supplies were to no avail.  Now, the worry made me panic and it became fear and then there was anxiety. Those were the times that for a moment, we tend to forget that there is God. Yes, as human those were my initial reactions. The food that we have will not even sustain us after days and with this, I started to feel the hopelessness. As we gather outside our yard with the neighborhood, we all have the same concerns, food and the supplies for our kids.

The following day, Myra Abayon one of our neighbors living just across our house who has a child same old as Dalvinh came knocking at our door with a 1000 grams of Nido 3+ (she knew it was the brand my son is drinking).  She said she have been keeping it in their pantry. Akia, her child didn’t like it so she did not continue changing the formula after she consumed a box of Nido 3+ Myra bought together with the can. I said I would want to buy it, yet she insisted it’s free. Thank God! I was definitely relieved. That time, I knew the Lord was speaking unto me and that scenario changed everything from that day, onwards. I was greatly reminded by God and I felt an immense guilt for the worries, the fears and the anxiety that I allowed to take me at my weakest point. That single can of Nido 3+ made me realized how God will provide (Philippians 4:19) for us. If He somehow has allowed us to survive the strongest storm, then He will faithfully sustain us though we felt like we are in the midst of nothing. I certainly ask for His forgiveness… and there, I started to be all positive. It is just so amazing that He immediately used people to provide our needs. Milk which was one of the supplies that caused me the great worry came to my doorstep and with that, I believe God’s message to me was that everything will be provided. I vividly remember telling my husband “I know it’s going to be tough… it will take long, but we will get by. Let us just hold on, trust Him and pray”. It was also during that day when my father, brother and a cousin braved the road from Jaro to Tacloban to check on us and to tell us that they were all safe and sound. Sunday, my brother biked all the way from Jaro to deliver another box of Nido 3+ for Dalvinh. All I can ever do is thank the Lord for the blessings.

My brother also told me that there was no looting incident in Jaro which means grocery stores were intact and the market trade was normal. In fact, there was an immediate response from DPWH Sorsogon for the clearing operation. Jaro, was I guess

among the few towns which got the earliest cleared roads and streets. We decided to move to Jaro and temporarily lived with my parents since there were numbers of dead bodies that have been recovered in our neighboring barangays and we thought, it’s going to be a danger for our son’s health. As we pass from town to another approaching Jaro, the destruction was undeniably massive. It was heart-breaking. It felt like a scene from a movie and it was hardly sinking in that it was real. Anyhow, I thanked God for the safe travel that we had. Despite the rumors circulating regarding NPA, prisoners on the loose and all those “badjao” stories- I trust God’s protection (Psalm 118:6).  In spite of the panicking news about crimes (which has no valid sources), NPA attacks, famine predictions, “akyat bahay” and all sorts of morbid stories; I actually felt the peace. I chose not to absorb depressing stories that people have forecasted, the Bible promised a better future. I couldn’t believe myself, but it was all God’s grace that He lets me see things in the brighter perspective. Honestly, it wasn’t the usual me. I cannot dismiss all of these problems confronting us through my own strength. Only from God’s wisdom, I have come to learn to deal with it Biblically not with how I felt and what I feared about. To God be the glory!

In Jaro, God gave us the chance to live the simplest life- no electricity, no internet, no network signal and no TV shows to watch. At 6:00 in the evening when it starts to dark, my husband would grab a guitar and we were singing songs. I had the chance to teach my niece and nephews together with my son Sunday school songs; they were enjoying it. We fetch for drinking water, we lined up for relief distribution, we cooked with firewood, my son gets to play on the street with other kids and walked for distance to get to a hill for an unstable Globe network signal. I figured it as beautiful things that are happening. God’s message this time was contentment and humility. Even with the deprivation typhoon Haiyan has caused, God’s goodness was certain. He has also allowed me to understand His purpose and be able to know the simple and practical lessons that I should learn. If we were all ready for the disastrous typhoon and we knew what kind of situation it will give, perhaps we will not remember God anymore and we will not increase our faith during the hard times.

In the 3 weeks time that we have stayed in my hometown, we had frequent visits to Tacloban and the first time we drove back, it was a delight to see electric cooperatives from different provinces that have extended help in order to rehabilitate the power lines. This reminded me of a Filipino tradition called “bayanihan”. It was an embodiment of unity and enthusiasm to lend a helping hand. We also have discovered that International NGOs and foreign volunteers especially for medical assistance have already flocked in Tacloban.  The help we are getting was already overwhelming. Though the way the media has projected the Haiyan after math in an alarming way that it has caused too much worry for viewers outside Eastern Visayas and abroad; still, I would reply to those who would ask me on how everything was going “everyday, there is hope. It wasn’t stagnant. International help has reached us and it continues to overflow. We thank God” . I usually gave them the good news in the middle of the chaotic response of our government that the media has sensationalized. After all, we can only depend on God’s grace and provision while they are still figuring out who is to blame.  It is the Lord that controls the reality, and what is real is what God has said in the Bible.

It wasn’t all smooth, though. Just like everyone else, we also had our share of struggles. My son became sickly. Even if we were struggling against his asthma, I still thank the Lord that He has continually provided and guided us all throughout. He had never ceased to make use of people in sustaining what we needed. When it seems that local Doctors (especially in Tacloban) in the hospitals have flew to the other parts of the country to seek refuge,  there’s this one Doctor in our town who preferred to stay in order to help his fellows. The typhoon has caused so much damage to his pharmacy and clinic yet the make shift clinic in his yard was such a blessing. I thank the Lord for giving him a heart willing to respond and attend to the medical needs of the people in Jaro. Dr. Glen Elises gave Dalvinh a week medication and thank God he was able to cope up. When everything seems to be fine already, my son suddenly got an intermittent high grade fever and we couldn’t figure out the large rashes he had on his head. There was also part of his head which was swollen that it has caused him so much headache. It was during that time when we have to drive all the way to Tacloban at 3am having no idea if there are functioning hospitals in the City.  We couldn’t thank God enough for the Korea Field Hospital that took over the Divine Word Hospital for free Medical assistance. Yes, we had first-hand experience of the Korean’s compassion. Everything was free: Doctors, nurses, medicines, surgeries, child delivery and all those state of the art medical facilities transported all the way from Korea that were intended to help the typhoon victims. I glorify God for leading us to the right people and the right places where we can be rescued.

When everything else was taken, it was God’s way of pouring His Abundant grace. A couple of week, the company where my husband is connected with started its operation. December 3, our office re-opened. It was an opportunity to witness the city strived hard to get back on its feet and it is an overwhelming experience. Everyday that I have to walk long distance to get transportation in going home from the office, I saw the progress. From the mountainous garbage piled all over the streets; improvements have been made daily. It was a long process but I feel delighted that things weren’t dormant. Gradually grocery stores, drugstores and other establishments were opened and restaurants have become available until finally, electricity was restored. Our church received wonderful blessings. Aids were from all over the world, from different churches, various organizations and even from grade school pupils sending relief goods with touching hand-written notes inserted in the plastic bag. People came to help in the cleaning and rebuilding of the church structure and our missionaries went home to personally deliver the basic needs for church members. My son was blessed with portable electric fan, emergency lamp and a handy nebulizer that we don’t have to go to a charging station anymore in order to have him nebulized.  Indeed, every single need was met. All because of God’s sufficient grace.

I am sharing this to everyone because this is my way of declaring God’s genuine compassion for His people who has remained clinging on His will no matter what. Until now, every time I hear Haiyan survival stories, it still pricks my heart… but God’s sovereignty all throughout is more amazing. God who is with us was greater than the ordeals Haiyan has left us. I believe that the aftermath experience were the difficult times but in contrary to that, it was those moments when the Lord made us feel that we are most loved, cared and privileged from people that sometimes we don’t even know. It took a strong faith to perceive things from the way God sees it and that ability that He granted me is way beyond my own strength, the wisdom was all coming from Him. If I relied on my own will, maybe I have persuaded my husband and decided to move to Luzon or Cebu where everyone else are going and consider we will be provided there. The Lord gave us the heart to stay in Leyte believing in the peace He has promised (Philippians 4:7). No matter how He allowed that detrimental storm surge to take place that took away thousands of lives and properties in a split second, He was in control. He was unfailingly, faithful.

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Moving on.

The great hiatus is mainly because I am a Yolanda Survivor and I guess even without such explanation anybody will exactly get what I mean. ..

And so, this is the moving on stage. Yes, after five months of that furious Yolanda attack in our city, we all have tried to move on and still moving on. I prefer not to linger anymore with horrible stories of Yolanda as I get back to this blog merely because life has been constantly good by God’s grace after that deadly storm surge.

It’s another phase of our lives. What Yolanda has taught us is that there is always hope even in the midst of almost nothing. Many lessons have been learned and this is the time to keep going. We need to keep going! Now, that life has got back to normal again… (The city is back on its regular track) I can only thank the Lord so much for the great experience. It was a rarely different one. As I witness how our place gradually went back to normal in few months, it has taught me to be more appreciative- big and small development; everything mattered!

My family is intact. I still have my job. My husband after two weeks (of Yolanda) got back in business. We were the first subdivision in the city to have its electricity restored. .. These are just very few of the many reasons why I have to keep moving on. His been so good. All needs have been provided.

Though it is heartbreaking to look back, I still can say that there is that positive impact the strongest storm has given us. As the Lord allowed it to happen, there is an amazing purpose for everything. Decipher as you look around and contemplate. With what we see, there is no perfect reason why we can not keep on moving on.

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Ayo Revisited!

I’m sorry if it took me a month to post this.

It’s been 4 years already since our 9-9-09 wedding transpired and before that big event happened in my life; one of the many beautiful restos in the city became so memorable for me and my husband four years ago. It was in Ayo Café where my husband made his marriage proposal. A cheesy one actually but it was indeed a surprisingly sweet gesture. He is not basically the showy and demonstrative type but his proposal was one of those that make someone giggle every time I try to share it to my friends.

And so we have planned to celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary by revisiting Ayo. I arranged a dinner for us together with our good friends (dabarkads) from the church. Funny thing is that while I was having our reservation over the phone, I told the food attendant that the reason why we are having a special dinner at Ayo that night is that because it was where my hubby had his marriage proposal. The food attendant shared that she remembers an incident of a marriage proposal way back where the guy connived with them. “we put the engagement ring on the top of the blue berry cheese cake” she explained. I was like… “it was us!” They actually still remember it and that is so nice of them.

Our four years of marriage is something I thank God for. I’m happy for the hardworking and God-fearing husband that I have. I am blessed t have him. He is still the best friend that I have 9 years ago. I believe that the best foundation you can ever build in a relationship is to start it with a genuine friendship. Alvin is someone who knows me that much, he understands me and accept me for who I am.

Let me just share with you some of our photos during our night with our friends at Ayo. (I regret I was not able to retrieve my photos in friendster, the proposal pictures was there…. sad)    

cake given by the dabarkads.

cake given by the dabarkads.

group picture =)

group picture =)

our version of the "look up" photo craze

our version of the “look up” photo craze

w feasted on these.. =) sumptuous!

w feasted on these.. =) sumptuous!

till my next post!

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Sunday Family Lunch

It was mama’s birthday and I am just glad for special occasions in the family. As of now,  this is the only way I get to see the rest of the family. Since I got married and settled in the city I seldomly visit my hometown. It’s a 45 minutes travel from Tacloban. Together with my husband and my son, we usually go and visit my parents and brothers and their kids on special occasions or at times on a Sunday family lunch. This is also because of work. My work as well as my husband’s is compellingly an 8-5 Monday to Saturday kind of job.

Anyways, one Sunday afternoon we got the chance to spend a family lunch that my brother (who is working abroad) asked me to arrange in celebration of mama’s birthday. I was indeed so excited to see my niece, my nephews, sisters in law, and my parents of course. It was for me a catching up day. Aside from that, we were all so excited to try this new place/resto which has recently opened. Since my family is really into trying new restaurants in the city (we’ve been into different restos), we wanted to try The Little Green Kitchen which I discovered through local bloggers and through its FB Account. It’s just that we already have been into the leading restos in the city and we wanted something new. of course someone special is celebrating her big day so we agreed that we’ll look for a nice place for our family eating/bonding! =) And so, we tried it there.

Let me just show some of our photos.

the Little green kitchen in its very cozy ambiance

the Little green kitchen in its very cozy ambiance

nice lightings!

nice lightings!


daddy dik and eon

hubby, i, dvd and my baby nephew eon

hubby, i, dvd and my baby nephew eon

the ladies in the family

the ladies in the family

dvd is having his own lunch!

dvd is having his own lunch!

my brother dustin, sis in law ellen and the celebrant, MAMA!

my brother dustin, sis in law ellen and the celebrant, MAMA!


my dvd is some kind of- already- sleepy here. =)

our ever supportive father joined us; the ladies in the picture taking.

our ever supportive father joined us; the ladies in the picture taking.

the folks with their grandchildren..from left to right: dvd, eia, JK and eon. don't we just love short names for our kids?! hehe

the folks with their grandchildren..from left to right: dvd, eia, JK and eon. don’t we just love short names for our kids?! hehe

tita ellen with eia. .. outside the resto is an inviting swiiming pool.

tita ellen with eia. .. outside the resto is an inviting swiiming pool.

i and our lil lady eia

i and our lil lady eia

We enjoyed it there! The food was of course, great. =) till our next visit.



note: the first two photos are grabbed from TLGK FB account.

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Trenta Y Cuatro

one of the many gesture of thoughtfulness i got on my special day..(from kai)

one of the many gesture of thoughtfulness i got on my special day.(from kai)

It’s a happy day today! Well, for me of course since it’s my birthday and should i say for some other reasons as well. And what I am most happy about is realizing that in my 34 years, God has been very good to me. In all aspects… and that also includes the not so good part of my life’s journey; it’s because trials and rough days of our lives are also blessings from Him.

Today, I became extra happy because of people who really took time to remember me and extend efforts to greet. I appreciate all these gesture of thoughtfulness. There are also people whom I’m forever thankful of. I thank God for the wonderful parents that I have- mama and tatay who have always  been ever supportive and loving. My brothers are the best! The love and care just don’t fade and I thank heavens for them. Being the only rose among the thorns gave me so much advantage all these years. Furthermore, i am also so much grateful to the Lord for the wonderful friends that he has given (chosen friends, I should say). True and genuine friendship that I have kept for the longest time. They exactly knew who they are, I believe. =)  and most of all, I greatly thank Him for the family that He has granted me. A hardworking and loving husband together with an adorable son. This all, gave me a content life.

If I have to enumerate the things which I am most grateful of… it will take me so much space and as well as so much of your time to read. There are much plenty to mention. It is because even the tiniest detail of my life, I owe it to God. Even the little things that come my way are something I have to thank God for.  Being on the center of His will summarize everything in my state of gratefulness and happiness. Blessings abound when you are right with God. His provision continues.

I’m 34 and I’m happy. To god be the glory!

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Something Advanced!


Something got me so happy! My husband gave me a wonderful advanced birthday gift which I have been wanting for a long time. Yes, I so love my new pink Bible (KJV, of course) which we got from Philippine Christian Book Store. Though, I’m having a separation anxiety with my eight years old BIBLE I just can’t help but to be so delighted with this pink covered, sleek and handy Bible.

“Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path. Psalms 119:105”

I believe that it’s not a choice but a must that our everyday should be guided with the Word of God. Nothing compares to what the Bible can give us. And so, it’s the reason why I am truly happy with this gift. Because, I try hard to make the Bible a daily read. My everyday source of wisdom. My daily standards in coping up with the day to day endeavor.

To my husband, thank you so much! I thank God for the Godly husband that you are. I don’t want to keep my speech very long for now since it’s not yet my day. May this post just remind us of the importance of every Word of God depicted in the Bible. We can never go wrong reading the Bible everyday. =)

Happy Monday, everyone!

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an attempt for poetry..

the best experience you can get as a hands-on nanay is putting your baby to sleep peacefully wrapped around the warmth of your loving arms.

the best experience you can get as a hands-on nanay is putting your baby to sleep peacefully wrapped around the warmth of your loving arms.

this was a little poem i wrote more than a year ago. out of the blue and all of a sudden i just felt like writing what’s inside my mind..


( poem for baby dave)

i watch you as you peacefully sleep.

one of the memories i want to keep.

I thank the Lord, He gave you to us…

when you came, a great Joy it was!

We pray, you’ll always be okay,

because tomorrow is another day to play.

 June 8, 2012. From a poetry of a novice. =) I admit I’m far to being a poet and this was just an attempt.it’s all because of the great effect of motherhood. you become everything as you embrace and enjoy what it can bring. =) today, as i enjoy a special non-working holiday i realized i miss the times like this when all i have to do is to spend the entire day with my son. only the two of us at home, making the most of everything together. now that i am already a working nanay, non-working days seems to be the best days i’ll always look forward to. thank God it’s holiday.

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for the love of journalism

with the entire pool of writers consisting the new Editorial Staff for the ACLC MARQUEE, the official school publication.

with the entire pool of writers consisting the new Editorial Staff for the ACLC MARQUEE, the official school publication.

After graduating college with a degree in AB Mass Communication at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines; College of Communication I thought I was ready to practice the profession that I have been wanting to do ever since. I wanted to but I guess it was not God’s will for me. Back in college, I was the “behind the scene” type of student. During group works and projects, I was never the front act. I wrote script, news, articles, and concepts or even direct and anything which has something to with not facing the camera or holding the microphone is me. I have always believed that it’s not God’s will for me to be a part of the topsy turvy world of broadcasting because He had other plans for my life. Anyhow, I’m still happy that even if I did not have the chance to practice the profession which I had for a long time in my ambition, the path which I had traversed in the past still gave me the opportunity to do the things which I love:  writing.

A little flashback: back in ADFC where i used to work I had the chance to teach Mass Communication and Journalism. It’s at least still within the parameters of my degree.  I loved the noble job of teaching. Along with my teaching profession, I was able to handle the School Publication: ADFC Chronicle. With the ADFC connection, I became a writer for a local weekly newspaper (up to present) where I do editorial/opinion, news and features. Even if I realized how writing is a low paying job, it is the passion that keeps you going. The biggest break which I consider; is to be a part of the first locally produced glossy magazine in Region 8>>> 8 Magazine. I have several contributions in this magazine which has given me little fame. Hehehe. People recognize me for that. (feeler)

My writing stints still continues up to now even with the regular eight-to-five-job that I have. I also contribute for the newsletter (Leyte Light House) in our local church; Grace Baptist Church and I also maintain the website http://www.gbctacworldwide.com with my inputs of news, features and information. What is giving me excitement at present is that in my current job (ACLC College Tacloban) I feel blessed being chosen to be the Adviser of the official school publication “THE MARQUEE”. It’s an honor. I give credits to the track record which I have in my resume and to God Be the Glory for this.

This is going to be a challenge since the rebirth of the school paper lies on  my leadership. I’m committing everything to God. The once very active circulation of the Marquee has been put into a halt sometime in the year 2005 and with the several attempts to revive it, unfortunately it did not materialize. This school year, ACLC is on a serious pursuit to put the Marquee back into circulation. It is a hope that an issue will be published before the semester ends. So far, so good. The revival is going well, thank God! I am just so glad that I have found students which I put in the editorial team who are also passionate with writing just what I am way back when I was still a student.  I hope we can make it. It’s going to be one step at a time, slowly but surely. As for now, I am happy for what we have achieved.

=) more about Marquee in the days to come!

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patience and waiting intertwined…

When you wait, you need to have patience to endure the waiting. On the other hand, when you have patience that will only mean that you know how to wait for the perfect time for everything. Patience and waiting are virtues that develop a person’s positive outlook in life. it teaches us how to fully appreciate what God has given knowing that we endured while we patiently wait our desires to be granted.

This quote may also sound so classic but I guess its message is timeless “when God closes the door, he opens the window”. There will be something for us even if at times when it feels empty and deprived… patience and waiting will get us going for the doors and windows of heaven to be wide open.

 Now here is the scenario:  Late Monday afternoon, I was waiting for a transportation bound for my hometown in a gasoline station where southbound vehicles usually pass by.  I have been there for almost an hour but the coasters and jeepneys that come are loaded enough that I cannot anymore be accommodated. There were already seven trips that I missed and I started to worry. When I was already giving up that I already wanted to go back to the city terminal, I had my long wait over. A van (also a means of transportation nowadays) arrived and luckily it still has a lot of vacant seats where I got the chance to ride comfortably. I had a nice and comfy trip home. I didn’t have to bear a standing position in a coaster, as well as to sit on a small wooden bench just to have a ride home.

 It was actually a very simple situation that everybody gets to experience in a day-to-day basis, but honestly it had an impact on me. It may seem to be an ordinary circumstance but at one point, the Lord has His own way of using common situations to make us realize His existence. Ordinary experiences each day at times carry a message or a lesson perhaps. And, it reminded me that patience and waiting always go hand in hand. The scenario applies in all aspects of life, especially at a certain point where we are trapped in an upsetting dilemma.

In relationships, I guess my little theory is valid. When you worry enough of not finding “the one” for you, the value of waiting helps. Finding the right person for you do not happen overnight, that is why I am not the believer of the love at first sight. Patiently wait for God’s perfect will for your life, including the right person He will give you. In a relationship, patiently know the person and wait for the right time to commit. You may have several failed relationships in the past you can still wait and be patient for the right relationship for you. The bus and the jeepneys may represent the people that come and go in your life, but when you give patience and waiting a space in yourself… in the end, everything will fall into place because you patiently wait. The right vehicle will intentionally stop in front of you, to tell you that they would love to have you in the journey.

Let us also try to relate it with finding a career in life. Success, again is not as easy as 1..2..3 just like finding the ideal career just right for you. Working hard to achieve what you want in life is the key. In the concept of hard work, still patience and waiting are major ingredients. Patience because of the uneasy trail to reach success, and waiting for the right break for your hard work. To start a career is just like waiting for the right bus to come. The first bus may have ignored you because it is overloaded and the jeepney might not stop because you do not fit in there, but believing that there are still a lot of transportation to come that will accommodate you is always the right attitude.  Again, patience is truly needed to be able to wait for the right ride. You may be rejected in an application, or evicted because you don’t fit in anymore- believe, God designed something for you where you can make use of your full potentials. Patiently try again in times of frustration or stand after a fall, and then wait for other chances to come intended for you.

 Spiritually, we pray when we ask God for something. I will still lay emphasis on the importance of patience and waiting on this aspect. God always answers our prayers, and He never fails to provide. What He wants us to value are again patience on learning how to wait. On God’s perfect time, He gives.

 The two virtues always come entangled. It will help us to always open up our minds to positivity. Whatever is for us, it will come. It may not be that immediate, but surely it will happen.

 reposted from my former blog: http://www.mjoverly.multiply.com

scanning through my old files i came across with this article again which i wrote sometime in 2008 for a column i maintain in a local newspaper. this may be an old one but reading it enable me to relate with the message once again. so, i decided to post it again. i hope you get something from it as much as i did. =)

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Padre de Familia


i thank God that my life is surrounded with loving and caring fathers.

As the month of June comes to a close, I just wanna take this chance to post something that coincide with what the month emphasizes; the fathers! I must say that this year was our great celebration of the Father’s day since we were able to celebrate it with my family back in my hometown- Jaro. I now rarely visit my place being based in Tacloban since I got married and going home to visit my family have always been a luxury for me. As Jk the eldest grandson would always say when everybody is present at our ancestral home, “wow, we’re complete!” He always loves it when all the chairs in the long table are occupied.

June 16, was indeed a wonderful gathering as we celebrate not only the Father’s Day but also the June celebrants of the family. My younger brother whom I fondly call Bordak and my sister-in-law, Arlyn. It was at the same time the baby dedication of the newest addition to the family; Eon and a thanksgiving of Mano Jay. Full packed event, it is! We even invited few of our closest relative. But the highlight of the celebration was more on the fathers of the family. It was until our little baby eon came, that I realized that all my brothers are now full-pledged fathers.

Five loving fathers in the family.

Alvin, my husband. The Lord has blessed me with a one of a kind mate. He is not perfect but he is an ideal father to my son. He works so hard for us and makes a lot of sacrifices for me and his son. He brings us to church on Wednesdays and Sundays and by God’s grace he is one of the church leaders. He is the most understanding and patient that I know (good thing he’s my hubby) and he disciplines our son the Biblical way. I can only thank God that I have Alvin as my husband and the father of my son.

Jay, Sandy and Dustin are my dear brothers. They are fathers on their own ways. Mano Sandy is the disciplinarian type, Mano Jay is the one who gives it all and Dustin is the passionate-emotional one. They are also the kinds who are very sweet and thoughtful to their nephews and niece. The ones who are ready to extend love and care.

Tatay Joven. He is not just the best father but the greatest grandfather as well. He may have so many flaws in our growing up years but I just couldn’t deny it that he is my father and that I love him no matter what. Even if we are all grown-up having our own families, he never stopped caring and supporting for us. He even became more generous.  He still continues to provide. He loves his grandchildren so dearly. And most of all, he never cease in doing efforts for making our family intact. He is indeed an awesome father.

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